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“Research indicates that a child who is exposed to the arts will have a better chance to grow up to be a more creative, imaginative, expressive, confident, self-reliant and critically thinking adult.” - International Child Art Foundation


Physical and mental freedom influences a child’s ability to grow and learn.  At the Rollins Child Development Center the process oriented art curriculum is known to promote freedom of expression while providing an outlet for creativity that may encourage creative thinking and problem solving.  Art engages a child’s senses through open-ended activities designed to develop cognitive, social/emotional and multi-sensory skills.  As children progress into elementary school and beyond, art, most times, continues to provide opportunities for brain development and continued growth in the areas of mastery, self esteem and creativity.  Art time will be arranged to excite all children in meaningful self expression.


Infants learn through their senses and art is one of the creative ways to encourage infant development.  Dipping a paintbrush into paint and applying color to paper has been known to encourage concentration and focus.  Painting with a brush and fingers also can introduce a child to use their imagination freely.  At the Rollins Child Development Center assorted materials for our infants to paint with, will give them a chance to explore a variety of ways to paint.  For example, sponges, assorted paintbrushes and assorted types of paper will be available to invite infants to explore and develop.  Art will be proudly displayed throughout the classroom and the center. Teachers frequently take a budding artist with them exploring various master pieces throughout the classroom while commenting on the beauty of the creations.  This activity has shown in many cases, that instilling pride and accomplishment in each infant while encouraging more creativity supports a desire to learn.


Toddler art activities are very important in the development of eye and hand coordination.  In the Rollins Child Development Center “art class”, toddlers will be encouraged to find out how to use their hands to cut with safety scissors, draw, glue and create.  Art has been shown as one creative way to involve children as they develop fine motor skills that are essential to the development of young children.  Toddlers will be invited to make choices and become creative.  Paper and glue will be used as toddlers place their cuttings onto a mat to create a masterpiece that can be displayed and viewed.  In addition, toddlers will be offered the opportunity to determine the appropriate color of paint, crayon, or marker needed to complete their drawing.  Critical thinking skills known to support a toddler through this developmental period will be encouraged in this important class.


Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten children shine when they experiment with paints, brushes, crayons, wood, sand paper, collage materials, clay, and other art materials.  Each opportunity to draw, paint, or color is known to support skill in creating detailed “masterpieces”.  The Rollins Child Development Center “art class” strives to provide the opportunity for preschool children to practice fine motor skills, make decisions, use their creative mind, take risks, invent and count as they sort various objects needed to formulate their ideas.  Preschool children are encouraged to describe, through interpretation, the intention of their final projects.  Each preschool child will be allowed full creative range in using many materials, while following class guidelines for safety and cooperation.

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