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Language Program

American Sign Language:
Sign language provides infants and young toddlers a way to communicate what they are thinking, feeling and/or needing. Because they learn to communicate early, the infant and young toddlers mind develops a rapid interest in increasing strong communication ability. Both infants and toddlers will be encouraged to participate in language development opportunities throughout each day as teachers communicate through sign and sound.

Foreign Language:
At the Rollins Child Development Center we embrace a belief that our future generations will most likely be bilingual. Therefore, we will introduce our children to a second language early so they may be offered a chance to prepare and embrace the multi-cultural world that surrounds them.  Offering a foreign language program to all children infant through age six will expose children to a sound second language opportunity.  A trained Language Specialist will enhance language awareness at the Rollins Child Development Center using activities, songs and stories developed to invite positive interaction.  Using this type of format is known to bolster language development while exposing children to rich dialogue through a consistent routine.

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), “…a child who can communicate and socialize with his parents, grandparents, and extended family will maintain the connection to his cultural identity and acquire a sense of belonging.  Further, cognitive skills such as thinking, reasoning, problem solving and word choice, which the child uses in learning his home language, are the same skills needed to learn [a second language], thus paving the way for later school success.”  In addition, Zero to Three reports that it has been determined, “…the window for learning language is widest at the outset, from birth to seven years.” The Rollins Child Development Center is prepared to meet a child’s language needs through our foreign language program.

Michael Rosa Nova, Ph.D., a professor of education at Chicago State University and an expert on dual language learning believes, “Long term, children who have had a dual language experience in early childhood show greater cognitive flexibility, greater facility in concept formation, greater facility of creativity and problem solving skills in verbal and math problems, and, obviously a greater facility of vocabulary.”

At the Rollins Child Development Center we have considered Dr. Nova’s expertise and wisdom. As partners with families we are prepared to maintain a program for children rich in language and culture as we support them to share their experiences in our global and diverse world with confidence.  We are proud to help pave a path that can lead to a love of learning, sharing, acceptance and growth for young children. 

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