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Letter from the Director

As the Director of the Rollins Child Development Center, I am proud to represent the children, teachers, families and the community that we serve. Our program philosophy and goals support our incredible mission;


“The mission of the Rollins Child Development Center, Inc. is to provide proper education to the underprivileged children of Georgia with the hope that this education will establish a path for them to develop into productive and contributing members of society. Led by the principles of Christian faith, we will employ a formula of innovative industry training, parent empowerment, involvement and training classroom techniques and accountability that will allow us to be a catalyst for change in each of the communities we serve.”


Today in America, one in four children grow up unable to read! Young children from low income families must have access to a quality program that will support and encourage learning. Many young children fall behind academically due to a home life filled with trials and stress that make it difficult to concentrate on schoolwork or arrive at school regularly. If children miss out on a quality educational experience including a reading and language program in their young years, they may suffer for a lifetime by not being able to read or comprehend. Often times, this contributes to problems with their ability to retain employment.

The Rollins Child Development Center is dedicated to supporting children and their families through positive programs designed to assist with their personal, monetary, educational and health needs. Faith, Education and Trust are foundational blocks that our professional staff and teachers embrace as they intentionally plan lessons and programs in an environment that welcomes difference, celebrates uniqueness and encourages learning.  Our strong focus on literacy supports all children as they advance their mind set from “learning to read “to “reading to learn”.  Experience is the architect of the brain. By providing experiences rich in language while supporting cognitive opportunities to encourage comprehension, children will build problem solving power!


Every young child deserves the opportunity to learn in a supportive, encouraging and safe place.  A place where the primary focus is on the child, not a statistic or a quota.  A quality learning program supported by loving, educated adults will improve each child’s strong reading abilities while building self confidence and pride.  Our program and teachers are dedicated to dealing with the challenges of today and believe in the great hope of the future.


Our focus on faith based principles, our curriculum, our nutrient rich meals, our family support and training opportunities along with our community spirit are just a few of the reasons why the Rollins Child Development Center is sure to meet the needs of the children and families in Georgia.


I want to personally extend an invitation to you to tour our center. While observing the children, you will see a glimpse of the next Frank Lloyd Wright designing an awesome Lego tower, the next Beethoven performing on the small piano, the next Olympic gold medal winner taking their first step and the next Mark Twain writing an amazing story.  Quality programs do make a positive impact on children and society!


I sincerely look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to answer any questions.  Thank you for your interest in our program.


Warm Regards,

The Staff at Rollins Child Development Center

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